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In today's day and age our lives are more hectic than ever. Many people, including two-income families, single-parent households, busy professionals and others, have long "To-Do" lists and not enough FREE Time. With the little time we do have, who wants to come home after a busy day and pick-up dog poop?

Life BEFORE Bomb-Squad   Life AFTER Bomb-Squad
"I'm sick & tired of stepping in dog poop every time I walk in the yard! I'm just too busy to keep up with it."   "Now my family can use and enjoy the yard much more without worry."

BOMB-SQUAD Corporation - Dog Waste Removal Service was founded in January 2003 to serve this need. Our mission is to maintain a Clean, Healthy Environment for your family, pets, & community, and to make life simpler for the dog owner, at an affordable rate.

Cleaning up after your dog is a job that somebody has to do, but that "somebody" doesn't have to be  YOU!  Imagine, for as low as  $14.99/Week,  you would never have to scoop dog poop again. Your yard would be cleaned by our Established, Professional Pooper Scooper Service which is:
  • FULLY Insured
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • and whose Employees are always in Uniform
We made our service convenient and simple for the customer. There are:
  • No contracts to sign
  • No minimum service period
  • Normal Service is billed on a Monthly basis
  • Cancel anytime
CALL TODAY:     267-304-6042

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your dog

the yard !


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