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1) What does BOMB-SQUAD Corporation do?
We clean up and double-bag all dog poop (feces) from the yards, pens, kennels, etc. of our customers in the suburban Philadelphia area.

2) Can my dog stay in the yard while BOMB-SQUAD Corporation is working?
Yes, if he or she is friendly. We love dogs and usually get along very well with them. However if your dog is uncomfortable or will not allow us in to clean the yard, you need to then restrain your pet during the time of service. We do not take any unnecessary risks with your dog or our employees.

3) Do you work in the winter or when it rains?
Yes we do, rain and winter doesn't stop your dog from doing his/her business, so it doesn't stop us either.

4) What if I want to skip a yard cleaning since my dog was not around for the week and there isn't any pet waste to clean-up?
That's fine as long as you notify us before your service day arrives. This way we'll know to skip you in the schedule and obviously not charge you for that week.

5) Is there an additional charge for the Initial Cleaning of the yard?
That depends on the condition of your yard. Initial Cleanings will have an additional charge if dog waste has been allowed to accumulate for over one (1) week. You will be notified of this amount (prior to the job) and it is based on the extra work involved in the yard cleanup of the additional dog waste that has accumulated over time.

6) Is there any contract that I have to sign to begin receiving your pet waste removal services?
No, we trust our customers and they trust us. Our dog waste removal service is supposed to be easy, simple, and convenient for the customer and that's what we try to do. There are no contracts to sign, no minimum service period, and you can cancel at any time with a simple phone call.

7) Is there any charge for canceling the service?
No, not at all. You may cancel pooper-scooper services at any time with a simple phone call. All you have to do is notify us of the cancellation before your service day arrives, and it will be immediately terminated per your request.

8) Do I need to be home when your poop scooper cleans my property?
No, as long as we have access to the area to be cleaned, you never need to be home.

9) Do you have a New Customer Referral Program?
Yes we do, please see "Referrals & Discounts."

10) How much does your pet waste removal service cost?
Pricing starts for as little as  $14.99/Week.

11) I am tired of scooping poop! How do I begin service?
That's easy, simply call  267-304-6042, or email us at and we will go over all of your questions & concerns. All you have to do is let us know when we can start.

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